Sunday, May 14, 2017

5th Week of Easter, Monday, 15-05-17

Acts 14:5-18 / John 14:21-26

It should be of no surprise to us that life has its cycle of ups and downs. One moment we can be happy and next moment we can be angry. One day, we can be effective and productive and the next day we can be like a zero.

Connected with the cycle of ups and downs is the reversal of fortunes. In one place we find acceptance but in another place we find rejection.

That was the experience of Paul and Barnabas in the 1st reading. In their mission, they faced persecution and they had to scramble for safety to Lycaonia.

There in the towns of Lystra and Derbe they preached the same Good News and Paul even healed a crippled man.

They not only found acceptance from the people, they were even treated like gods, which of course they tried to resist.

So Paul and Barnabas knew what it was to preach the Good News. There were ups and downs together with a reversal of fortunes.

But whichever way it was going and in whatever way it was turning out, they kept the Word of God and were faithful to it.

The Word of God made its home in their hearts and they found refuge and consolation and strength in the Word of God.

So as we go through our ups and downs in life and see our fortunes reversing for better or for worse, let us turn to the Word of God.

May the Word of God give us consolation and strength and may the Word of God make its home in our hearts.